Can You See What Happens to The Share Price AFTER This Tell-tale Blue Spike?

Wow! A Huge LEAP in Price!

Imagine if you'd backed this share when you saw the Blue Spike!
You could have turned hundreds of pounds into THOUSANDS of pounds in just a few days. Well that's exactly what I and my Inner Circle have been doing regularly.
And now YOU can get on board...


You've just witnessed something dramatic happening to a share price… and all due to an obscure government regulation!

A regulation which allows certain savvy insiders to fill their coffers to the brim with cash– then do the same thing over and over again.

As often as they want.

And I'm talking MILLIONS in profits.

It's been a closely guarded secret. Until now...

In fact, you've probably never even heard of these high-rolling, secretive 'insiders'.

No surprises.

They like to cover their tracks (and they're very good at doing that).

After all, they don't want the likes of us copying their money-making machine and creaming off £1,000, £3,000 even £10,000 for ourselves.
Time after time after time.

Well tough luck on them because I'm about to expose what they've been up to. Then you can decide if YOU want to make these easy profits too.

And I'll do it RIGHT HERE in this message. That way you can judge if you want 'in' on the action and to start banking tasty profits like many of my students.

No teasing, no hinting. I'll give you the plain facts, right here, for free. All I ask in return is some of your time to read the extraordinary truth of what I'm about to reveal.

Please understand—this really could be a life-changing moment for you, as it has for a small select group of others. And when I say life-changing I really mean LIFE-CHANGING!

Imagine if you could make over 23 Winning Trades IN A ROW!

Well that's exactly what happened in this small select group with a normal 50-year old man called Alex...

His win streak with this exact method actually reached 29 consecutive trades, and here you can actually see the independent verification for his first 23 of them! Just to summarize Alex's certificate:

100% win rate on 23 trades (actually went to 29!)

67.05% AVERAGE gain on the stock... Now with a spread bet you can multiple that by TEN! Which means with a spread bet Alex's average win was 670%!

Is this life-changing for Alex? Absolutely!

So, now I've really got your attention...

If you want to blatantly copy what we do, you could be looking to retire from work and live off the earnings from this amazing system!

So do we have an agreement? I'll spill the beans on what this is all about, and you give it some serious time to see if you want 'in'.


But before I share a remarkable story about the stroke of "dumb luck" which led to my astonishing discovery, I first need to reassure you and establish my credentials. If you've never heard of me, you might be wondering if I'm so qualified to share this awesome money-making secret with you.

So forgive me while I quickly get this part out of the way. (Skip this if you've read one of my best-selling books, seen me on TV, or already know about my impressive track record or my work for major stock exchanges).

I'm Guy Cohen, British creator of the worldwide acclaimed FlagTrader trading system and author of four bestselling trading books (check me out on Amazon). My clients include the largest stock exchange in the world (the New York Stock Exchange) and the Financial Times.

I've traded the markets with phenomenal success with profits in the thousands of percent. My research tools are among the most sought after in the world—which is why I was able to celebrate my ninth anniversary servicing a major stock exchange as my client.

My passion is helping newcomers get into trading—and helping part-time home-based traders make more money. I hold scores of testimonials from my delighted students (I'll share some of them with you here).

Now please could I urge you, just for the moment, to suspend ANY ideas you might have about 'trading'. That's just a name to describe this astonishing cash-generation system. With what I'll reveal here you will quickly understand that you DON'T need any skills or qualifications to do this, so forget any tales you might have heard about poring over complex graphs and charts or doing difficult calculations – this has nothing to do with that.

Guy Cohen

Guy Cohen

Leading international trading expert, and best-selling author of financial books worldwide.

I'm talking about a way of making LOTS of money, whenever you want it. A way which requires NO experience and NO special skills.
I've done all the hard work - leaving you with the fun part.

So with all that out of the way, and if you're keen to learn how YOU could soon be making £2,000, £3,000 even £10,000 extra at a time – for almost ZERO work – read on!

An Amazing Story

Let me start with an incredible event which happened a while back. (You need this background story to fully understand this system and how it could transform your life, so please bear with me. I have, after all, promised to reveal everything).

Researching at night

One evening, not so long ago, I was poring over some stock data in the dead of night. I'm a bit OCD and this is the sort of thing I do for fun! Actually I was cross-checking stock prices to confirm that my best-selling 'FlagTrader' application was still working as well as ever (which it was).

So imagine this... Owls hooting, darkened room, midnight, and yours truly staring at a flickering screen.

Here's the thing…

I got lucky that night because I happened to look at a certain share which Exploded in Value on the exact date I was checking.

Nothing surprising there. Shares do this now and then. But the lucky part was that on my second screen I also had my proprietary secret 'Blue Spike Indicator' open for this particular stock. (It is this secret indicator which is the basis of my HUGE success in helping others to make a full time living from simply trading stock prices).

I didn't even NEED this indicator open on the second screen. It was just there by force of habit.

So... I glanced at the indicator for this exploding stock and saw a sharp Blue Spike, just like the one on the graph at the top of this message.

Okay, STILL nothing amazing as that indicator often goes up alongside the stock price which is priceless in its own right.

But... then I noticed the date on the indicator.

The spike was a full TEN DAYS BEFORE the share took off in price!

Hmm... interesting...

I'm sure you can see that if I'd taken an UP position on that stock when I saw the indicator, I could have hauled away a sack of cash ten days later when the stock exploded in value.

However, this sort of coincidence happens all the time. And I was pretty sure it was a coincidence.

Maybe I was bored that night, or feeling adventurous, but something made me do a search for other stocks which had exploded in value. I cross-checked them against my secret Blue Spike Indicator. (I'll tell you more about this indicator in a moment, and how it has transformed the fortunes of ordinary people).

Please stay with me on this because it has dramatic implications for YOUR fortunes too.

Suddenly I was sitting upright and paying attention. Even the owls had stopped hooting! I felt a surge of adrenalin and my heart started thumping...

There on my screen was example after example where a big Blue Spike on my secret indicator was followed by an explosion in the stock price.


The spike was clearly there 3, 5 even 10 days before the explosion in price (never any earlier). The pattern was always the same. MOST of the time (not always) a stock was going to take off... there was the Blue Spike DAYS before the explosion.

I suddenly knew I was on to the most amazing money-making idea I've EVER come across. And... in a moment I'm going to invite YOU to join in!

It was a complete no-brainer.

Big Blue Spike? Bet on the stock going up and watch the profits roll in a few days later.

But then... cue screeching needle on record...

I was being a complete idiot! I was missing an obvious flaw and getting caught up in my excitement.

I needed to check something... and I was hoping against hope it wouldn't be there. Can you think what it was?

I needed to check if there were lots of Blue Spikes at other times. Spikes which DIDN'T result in a sharp upward move in the stock price.

If these spikes existed, I was screwed.

Why? We'd never know which spikes to bet on! Some would win, but others would lose.

Now my palms were sweating as I hastily filtered the data for Blue Spikes followed by NO upwards stock movement.

Sheesh… Lots of them. Dozens of them.

Big Blue Spikes... with NO upwards stock movement.

In fact, some of them were followed by DOWNWARDS movements. If we'd bet on those, we'd have been well out of pocket.

Hopeless. Talk about a burst bubble.

I was feeling pretty despondent. After all, I spend my life designing profitable systems for myself, my private clients and professional investors. I thought I'd lucked into another amazing one to add to my growing stable of proven successes.

I was reaching for the 'off' switch when something about the Blue Spikes caught my attention.

It seemed... could it be true?... that the profitable spikes (the ones followed by an upwards explosion in the stock) were spaced regularly across my screen.

Surely that couldn't be right? Was I seeing things?

I actually took a ruler and laid it along the screen!

Yes... there is was... a profitable spike every 4 cm or so. Not exact, but a very clear pattern.

Trust me when I say that 'very clear patterns' are what I always look for. They make the basis of a successful trading system and that means LOTS of cash.

I quickly checked the scale on my graph. What was 4cm? Hmm… it seemed to be about 10-12 weeks.

So... every 10-12 weeks we'd get a spate of profitable Blue Spikes. But... outside of that time a blue spike didn't necessarily predict in the same way.

Hang on, this made no sense at all!

Listen, I've wasted YEARS of my life checking on crazy systems based on regular events like phases of the moon and sunspot cycles.

It's all rubbish. So these days anything 'regularly cyclic' sets my alarm bells ringing.

Yet here was this phenomenon, staring me in the face. An awesome opportunity to profit every 10-12 weeks regular as clockwork.

Unknown to me I was on the threshold of discovering a system which would allow a total novice to make THOUSANDS a month for just a few minutes 'work'.

Back to that regular spacing...

"What the DICKENS was going on?!"

I picked a profit-predicting Blue Spike at random and checked the underlying share. My indicator registered a sharp spike on February 9th. Look what happened just four days later!

Here it is…


A nice Blue Spike then BAM! The share takes off 4 days later.

I then did a search on Chemours to see what happened on the date the stock headed up (in this case, 4 days after the Blue Spike).

It was then that it hit me full force.


The company published its earnings and profits forecast exactly four days AFTER the Blue Spike. Those results were obviously good, so the stock went up.

Now I WAS excited.

Nervously I checked the other profitable Blue Spikes—the ones which predicted rises.

Same thing…

Time after time after time. For each stock I checked, the Blue Spike became predictive only IF the company was about to publish quarterly earnings. (And that happens every 12 weeks, hence the regularity).

At most other times the Blue Spike was still very useful, but HERE it held multiple extra advantages, which I'll come onto later.

Right then and there I knew I had the MASTER System for making money and helping my students make money.

Perhaps what's even more incredible is this was all possible because of an obscure
stock market regulation.

You see, these companies are required BY LAW to publish their financial results and predictions every three months (12 weeks).

They HAVE to do it.

But what you need to know right now, and what I discovered that night, is that this regulation triggers a 'window' when certain stocks blast off.

They do nothing exciting most of the time... but when the regulation kicks in and because they MUST publish results, they can explode higher.

And because we know exactly when this window opens, these gains are PREDICTABLE!

But ONLY if you have access to my secret Blue Spike Indicator.

The graph of the stock price alone will tell you NOTHING. You need the Blue Spike indicator.

And ONLY I have it...

If YOU had access to this indicator, you could make an insane amount of money too.

Because not every stock explodes upwards like this. In fact, only a few do.

'My profit of £20,743 in 9 weeks certainly proves this method's merits!'
G Lawson, Herts

So you just bet on stocks within this window, AND stocks which have that tasty Blue Spike a few days beforehand.

And clean up BIG TIME.

If you didn't have access to this indicator, you'd most likely lose money.

The secret is knowing WHICH stocks are set to rise in the window. Knowing that would allow you to make serious money.

Fortunately, I had discovered a secret tip-off which told me which stocks are likely to head upwards in this earnings window.

We bet on those stocks, and those stocks only.

Not only does this WORK, I know exactly WHY it works. So we have double proof. (I'll reveal why it works in a moment. Remember, I want you to have ALL the information you need to make a decision about joining this elite group).

Aside from the dates being 100% predictable, this earnings window can also slash your exposure to market risks.

You see, these gains happen so fast that you'll NEVER risk your hard-earned money in long-term market plays.

You can be in and out in a matter of days. Sometimes in just one day.

Imagine making hundreds or even THOUSANDS in a single day!

It's VERY easy to do as well. Just three steps.

Earnings window open?

See the spike a few days beforehand?

Fill your boots!

Most traders know something about earnings of course. But there was always one BIG problem.

Traders would only know which stocks returned the biggest gains AFTER it already happened.

By then, it was too late to profit.

So even though traders knew some stocks always head for the moon during the earnings window—they didn't know for sure WHICH ones.

So for them, betting randomly on stocks was a complete gamble. (They DIDN'T have my Blue Spike Indicator. It is my proprietary design. I created it. I spent a huge amount of time and money testing it. I even hire researchers and analysts to continually test it. And nobody else in the world has it).

I have developed a strategy that allows me to pinpoint these explosive moves BEFORE they happen… and now YOU can get on board too.

I already knew exactly when the earnings window was going to open…

I knew that certain stocks would definitely explode if their results and forecasts were good…

And I had what nobody else had. The amazing Blue Spike Indicator to pinpoint WHICH ones would go to the moon.

And I'm willing to give you and just a select few others access to this SAME indicator we use daily.

In a moment I'll tell you WHY this indicator works to predict the stock movements. For the moment though I want you to imagine what a difference this could make to your life.

Imagine what life could be like if you didn't have to worry about money!

  • Instead of slaving for a living, you just relax until the earnings window opens. You go to my website and choose a stock (or several) from the few I have selected which have a nice Blue Spike
  • Pick one you fancy and place a simple spread bet, buy the stock, or get on board in other ways (I'll tell you how. It's very very easy).
  • Sit back and wait for a big upwards movement.

Then you'll have the chance to walk away with a fat profit a few days later.

Here's the good bit. There's nothing to do until the next window opens – then you do it again... and again... and again until you have as much money as you want.

Here's an example. Shares in this company had been dropping for months. Nobody wanted to buy into this company at the time.


Then on March 17th my secret Indicator registered a big, juicy, blue spike! You can see it clearly above.

The spike tells us something BIG is about to happen. And what happened next took everyone by surprise! (Please be clear. This is NOT a spike in the stock price. It's a spike in my special indicator).

On March 22nd, Yahoo Finance reported:

"Shares of niche retailer Duluth Holdings Inc. are soaring... after the company posted impressive fourth-quarter earnings."

By the time the news was announced it was too late for the everyday investor to participate in the move.

But had you followed my strategy and invested £1,000 you could have collected £3,000 on March 22nd JUST FIVE DAYS LATER.

Imagine walking away with more than three grand... in just five days!

Can you see why this patent-pending indicator is such a revolutionary tool?

The little guy/gal finally has a chance to profit from these kinds of big one-day moves. The kind of moves that have been making insiders rich for years.

Don't Just Take My Word For it!

I'm getting ahead of myself because the following two weeks after making this amazing discovery I set about testing it. One thing's for sure, it's VERY easy for a trader to think they have a killer system, only to have it fail in the real world.

I've seen this so many times.

I KNEW this worked, but I needed to see if others could profit from it too. Everything had worked 'on paper.' but would this work in real life?

Fortunately I have a close group of inner circle students who have followed my profitable systems for years. Many of them have become personal friends.

I hastily organised a 'behind closed door' briefing. Just 47 people in the room. I revealed the new system to them and gave them access to the Blue Spike Indicator.

(Aside: If you're interested I'm going to let you see the unique footage of that meeting which has never been seen by outsiders before. See later).

The results were nothing short of extraordinary. They surpassed even my own expectations.

Just see what a few of the beta testers had to say…

"Guy, with your earnings indicator, I've had a good number of winners ranging from a few hundred, up to $7,000-$8,000 each".
Mike Smart
7/10 win ratio

"YES I love trading earnings this way! And the system show you which companies are more likely to move in a certain direction.
This is SO MUCH better than just guessing or hoping!!
I compare this method to sort-of having an "insider's edge".
Z. Hart
9/10 win ratio
Wins include over $9,000

"I am no longer fearful of earnings season thank to Guy's guidance.
If you are a serious investor you are foolish not to use this information".
Doug Shires
8/10 win ratio
412% profit in 101 days on BA, 10,570 profit

It's transformed their lives. So many of them said to me how much they are making from this. That's all the proof I needed. It's why I feel compelled to release it more widely because I know what a difference it can make to YOU, while not affecting mine or anyone else's performance.

Here's another example of the sort of trades we've been doing (I really could fill page after page after page with these examples).


You've probably heard of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba?

On August 2nd my indicator registered a definite blue spike. There it is, above.

Just over a week later... BOOM! The stock shot up in value. If you had invested £2,500 you would have walked away with a clean TEN THOUSAND POUND PROFIT – in a week using my strategy!!

And another…

Imagine turning £1,000 into £13,000… in less than two weeks!

On May 31st my indicator registered a spike for shares of social network company LinkedIn.

Someone somewhere knew something BIG was about to happen.

Sure enough... just two weeks later, the news broke when Microsoft published a press release saying the company was acquiring LinkedIn for $196 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at $26.2 billion.

Shares of LinkedIn instantly skyrocketed. Using my strategy you could have turned £1,000 into £13,000!


How else could you make that kind of money in under two weeks? Not even crypto can do that, especially not with the low risk of my system.

Okay, you're getting very close to being able to bring in some serious extra cash.

But there's one important point I promised to mention.

It's to do with WHY this works.

After all, if the Blue Spike was just some random 'phases of the moon' indicator which happened to correlate (for now!) with stock movements... well... that wouldn't be very satisfying. It could suddenly stop working for some unknown reason.

In fact, I immediately suspected why this Blue Spike might be so powerful.

The truth is a bit unpalatable and I hope you are ready for it.

'Think about it for a moment...

  • A company is about to announce its recent earnings and forecasts...
  • There's maybe DOZENS of top employees in that company who know these results BEFORE they are published.
  • A few days BEFORE publication, there's also a Big Blue Spike...


Why, it's almost as if news leaked out to certain select individuals to allow them to fill their boots BEFORE the results are announced to the plebs.

And I had a sneaking feeling I knew who these people were. Not personally, but generally.

You see, what you probably don't know is that certain high rollers are frequently placing multi-million pound bets on shares.

And I do mean that.

The Insiders are betting MILLIONS at a time that a certain share will go up in the next short while.

And they get it right about two out of three times on average.

And THAT allows them to make HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS a year in profits.

Now let me ask you…

Do you think they just 'got lucky'? Do you think they just roll the dice or consult the tarot to decide which stocks to bet on?

Or do you think they might be privy to certain information that the likes of you and me will never see?

Now here's the thing. They are sneaky and cover their tracks well. For example, what they DON'T do is buy that stock a few days beforehand, even if they ARE in the know.

Any idea why?

Easy. The stock price would move upwards. That would start a feeding frenzy and the big boys would hardly get any money on the bet as everyone piled in, copying the smart money.

No, that's a hopeless strategy.

So what they do (and I won't go into the complexities) is they take an 'under the radar' OPTION to buy the stock at a certain price.

This is as good as buying the stock itself, but without ACTUALLY buying it and causing a price uptick.

Such an uptick would expose their interest - and they can't have that.

However, by pure coincidence, this 'options activity' is EXACTLY what my Blue Spike indicator is designed to uncover. I've used it with huge success in other systems. I just never considered using it for earnings. Until now...

My sophisticated Blue Spike computer algorithm pores over twelve billion lines of data every single day searching for the faint signal which exposes the hand of these high rollers.

The result is that no matter how carefully they try to cover their tracks, my Blue Spike indicator unmasks them.

In short... they're busted wide open.

And the amazing thing as far as YOU are concerned is that hardly anybody else in the world has access to this indicator. Their big stakes plays are completely hidden from the ordinary person—and they try their darndest to keep it that way.

But I DO have this data, and I'm prepared to let you in on the party.

Now of course we do not win every time. Neither do the big boys. But let me ask you…

Supposing you knew someone about to place a £10 million bet... and they stood to make £50 million... and they had a track record of winning 2 out of 3 times. Wouldn't you have a punt on their inside information?

I definitely would!

Let's face it: you and I will never have access to the kind of information they have.

They spend millions of pounds to get the very latest inside information on the target company. They have some of the fastest computer systems in the world. After all there are tens of millions of profit for them in getting this right.

Here's our secret...

What we are doing is hitching a ride on their knowledge. We do what they do. Monkey see, monkey do.

I claim no special insight and I certainly have no inside information.

But I DO know that some secretive and very wealthy individuals frequently make million pound bets on certain stocks around the earnings window. Many of those stocks then 'mysteriously' explode in value.

It's almost as if they knew something we didn't...

I'm saying no more!

But it happens time after time after time... like clockwork.

So not only have I uncovered something insanely profitable, there is also a compelling logical explanation as to why this works as well as it does.

Certain high rolling players 'in the know' are secretly taking BIG positions on stocks which they know are set to explode when those companies announce their earnings and forecasts.

And remember, those companies are compelled to do this by law every three months.

This makes our profits regular and highly predictable.

"The best system there is, full stop"

Rick Parks

7/10 win ratio

256 points on one single trade

4,000 points up on combined trades

Over 200% up

It's proven and it WORKS!

This is one of the only PROVEN systems I have ever seen - it is awesome!

George Sillett

8/10 win ratio

Here's a question you might have...

"How much money can I make?"

Answer: Once you get this under your belt and start applying it, the gains can get really ridiculous.

Guy's OVI strategy at earnings can be very profitable.

I made $53,000 profit on LNKD which was a 600% return!

Steve Scott

My back-testing has shown the potential to triple your money... every week, but in extreme circumstances, the gains could be much bigger.

Big enough that a single trade could REALLY change your life.

Let me show you what happened to one stock. On 7th April, my indicator registered a Blue Spike for Straight Path Communications indicating something big was about to happen.

On that Friday, shares closed at around $36.

The following Monday, April 10th, AT&T issued a press release announcing its plans to buy the company.

When the market opened on Monday, shares of Straight Path were already trading at around $91.

Straight Path Communications

There was no way for everyday investors to profit from that monster one-day move.

But had you used my indicator with leverage, you could have turned £5,000 into £367,850...

Over a weekend!

Of course, this is an extreme situation, and of course most people play with WAY lower stakes, but it shows you what IS possible.

Can you imagine if that happened to you?

How to Join the Party

If you want to join us and start making this kind of money, I have put together for you a most remarkable system.

I call it Earnings Insider.

In it I explain how the ordinary person can follow the trades of a group of secretive insiders and make fantastic monthly profits.

For the big boys I'm talking MILLIONS. Sometimes tens of millions. For the ordinary person I am talking thousands of pounds a month once you get this under your belt.

And remember this is not a one-off. I have a superb reputation and track record to protect. I carefully test all of my systems and this is no exception. I have tested and fine-tuned this with no fewer than 47 of my inner circle traders and friends. They have reported fantastic success and I now feel confident to release it to another 100 people.

Anyone can do this! You don't need to be 'a trader' as I have done all the hard work for you.

If you can navigate to a website and follow a few simple instructions then you can do this.

By now you'll realise it is my powerful algorithms which crunch through the data and do all the donkey work - leaving you with very little to do.

It could hardly be easier.

You could soon be making £3,000 a month and WAY MORE by following the 'bets' of certain high-rolling gamblers. A very secretive group betting millions of pounds a time on certain outcomes.


Of that, I can assure you.

(This is a little side story, but once I suspected what was going on I called a senior Swiss banking friend of mine. I asked him if he knew anything about the existence of this secretive group. He completely clammed up on me. It was very embarrassing and I had to change the subject quickly if I wanted to keep his friendship. His silence told me everything I needed to know).

Here's What You Get

When you sign up to receive Earnings Insider you will receive:

  1. Complete Access to the Private, Password-Protected Website where you can use the 'Before Earnings' application with my unbeatable Blue Spike filter – just one click and you find the exact same stocks as me using the exact same indicator. Remember, these are the stocks which my filter tips for a BIG move as soon as earnings are announced a few days down the line.

    A £1,997 Value

  2. Complete Online Video Training. My 'Before Earnings' (Pre Earnings) full online video courseware suite so you understand exactly what you're looking for and exactly how to replicate over and over again. Watch as I walk you through this incredibly simple system (after all, my software does ALL the real work). This isn't one of those long, tedious 8-10 hours of training deals. You'll have the basics under your belt within a couple of hours!

    A £597 Value

TOTAL VALUE £2,594.00

Within a short time of signing up, YOU could be making very tasty profits whilst others just gaze on jealously at your success!

But I want to go even further by offering the following TOTALLY FREE BONUSES.


My AMAZING 'After Earnings' strategy.

This is a super low risk, high reward strategy that many of my students like just as much as the Pre-Earnings version you're already getting, if not more!

And yes, I did say AFTER earnings—so this is something which works AFTER earnings have been announced! Sounds odd, right? I mean once earnings have been announced, the stock will do its thing and that's game over for any interesting action? NOT SO! You see, I have also developed an awesome filter which picks out certain 'breakout' stocks.

Here's what happens. After earnings, the stock (say) goes up. It often then just trades sideways for a while.

But then, with a TINY selection of stocks, something amazing happens – the stock makes a sudden and large 'break out' (UP or DOWN) and my filters highlight these breakouts with astonishing accuracy IN ADVANCE. Again we jump on board together with this next movement (hence the super low risk!) and clean up.

Honestly, if someone came to me and said "Guy, I'm in a hole mate, just give me one easy strategy to make some quick money," THIS WOULD BE IT. It's incredibly safe and a total no-brainer. If anything it's even better than "Before Earnings" but many of my members love the thrill of that.

And I will hand you this post-earnings strategy FREE OF CHARGE when you sign up to Earnings Insider.

You'll also get the After Earnings (Post Earnings) full online video courseware suite so you understand exactly what you're looking for and exactly how to place a trade.

Like I said earlier, this bonus alone makes your investment a no-brainer!

A £1,997 Value


I also want to give you my outstanding LIVE WEBINAR PACKAGE. Regular live webinars with me where I teach you new, amazing strategies for making money from the markets. Some trading Gurus charge £2,000+ A MONTH for information like this. I will give it to you FOR FREE.

A £1,997 Value


And finally, I promised you that unique footage of the 'behind closed doors' meeting where I revealed this strategy to 47 of my closest trading students. This has never been seen by outsiders before, and I will let you see this free of charge.

A £497 Value

The TOTAL Value of this package is £7,085!

What's Your Investment for ALL OF THIS?

This was quite a difficult decision for me. After all, I have discovered something which works amazingly well, is independently PROVEN, and brings in steady profits.

And unlike most systems, this is something which is likely to continue for many years. That's because of the empirical proof behind it AND the success of the likes of Alex and many others.

Get this right and you could give up work completely.

My training courses typically sell for £2,000 to £3,000 a time. That's because they massively over-deliver, they're very exclusive, and there's huge demand. I couldn't possibly charge that sort of money if I didn't have a superb reputation.

But I do realise that the price of some of these courses can be a barrier. I recently heard of one person charging £6,000 for a full day of training and with no applications!

My package is certainly worth that – my testimonials confirm that – but that's big money just to find out if this suits you or not.

On the one hand I would love everyone to do this as it really is easy money, and I know there are everyday people who are struggling out there and really need this. On the other hand, long experience has taught me that most people do not have a huge amount of disposable income right now and need something fair and affordable.

Initially I thought of slashing 50% off the value of this package (£7,085) making it £3,542. Half price seemed fair to me. I'm sure you agree that's cheap for a way of making £3,000+/month!

But after talking with my closest members it became clear to me that this level of investment would still be quite expensive for some.

So I proposed to slash the investment further to just £1,997. That is, after all, about three week's profit once you get the system up to full speed.

But after much wrangling I have been persuaded to make a strictly time-limited offer and I have reluctantly agreed. You see I KNOW that this works and does everything I claim. I KNOW that you could soon be taking advantage of my Blue Spike Indicator and the earnings window. I KNOW that anyone (old/young; skilled/unskilled) can do this.

Yes, I know all that... but the thing is... YOU DON'T (not yet, anyway!) So it's only fair of me to offer my fantastic money back guarantee AND give it to you at a price which should not be an obstacle. Either way, if this deeply discounted price is too expensive for you, you should not be considering trading in any shape or form.

So I have decided to allow just 100 people in at the low price of just £997. That's an amazing 86% discount to its real value!!!

Yes! I want to be an Earnings Insider! >

I don't want you paying 'serious' money only to discover this may not be for you after all.

I hope you're feeling a bit excited or even thrilled at the chance to hitch a ride on the big boys' secretive dealings and start making some serious money for you and your family.

I also want you to be able to accept this offer knowing there is

So I have put together the following very special 'no quibble' full refund guarantee.

Your Peace of Mind No-Quibble
Money Back Guarantee


Examine Earnings Insider in your own home for a full 30 days from receipt. Watch the training sequences on video, do whatever it takes to completely convince yourself that it is possible to make an excellent living in a few hours per month from a PC in your own home. If, for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely convinced and delighted, simply let me know within 30 days of receipt for a full, no-quibble refund of your money. And that includes if you plain simply change your mind or have second thoughts for ANY reason.

That's how certain I am that you are going to love this and make it work for you.
There is no way I could make such an offer if it didn't do exactly what I claim.

That refund will be processed immediately (same day) we receive your instructions.

You can use the whole package as many times as you like. Watch the training videos. Sit back and prepare to be amazed.

You can even 'virtual trade' Earnings Insider to really PROVE the profit power of this technique – without risking a penny!

Take advantage of my training. Take advantage of my unique software. And then put the method to the test using what's known as 'virtual trading' with no risk whatsoever.

If you don't find that you have an unfair advantage and steady winners (which I assure you, you will), then you'll have the safety of immediately asking me for a refund.

That means: Nothing risked – but a whole lot to GAIN.

Okay, I hope that has put your mind at rest.

Your New Life as a Part Time Trader

Here's the simple 3-step process you will soon be using to make a fantastic second income—if you decide to invest in Earnings Insider.

  1. As soon as the earnings window is open you log onto a special website (only for my 'inner circle' members) where you will find a list of shares which are exhibiting the Blue Spike Indicator. These are generated by my algorithm which churns through those billions of lines of data. On any given day there will be several shares which have the Blue Spike Indicator.
  2. You pick one or more of them.
  3. You place a 'bet' that the stock will move up. There are several easy ways of doing this and I will explain them all to you, including one special way where you risk NOTHING unless the stock actually moves in your favour! It doesn't matter if you have never done this before. Ordinary people are doing it each day. It's really very easy.

And... well... that's it really. Another tough day's 'trading' under your belt! Now all you need to do is to wait for the earnings to be announced. If the stock moves up sharply as expected then you will simply sell for a profit and bank your winnings.

Does that sound okay for you? I mean, it could hardly be simpler. This could be your 'launch pad' for becoming a serious £100k a year trader, if that's what you want of course.

Or you can just stay at this basic level, banking an extra £2,000 - £3,000 a month for ten minutes of 'work'.

It's your choice.

Yes! I want to be an Earnings Insider! >

Now it's Over to You

I've come to the point where really it's down to you. I hope you agree I've been totally open and thorough with you about Earnings Insider. I haven't teased or hinted. I've given you all the facts to allow you to judge for yourself and to decide if you want 'in' to this amazing moneymaking idea.

Earnings Insider could provide you with a massive second income. An income so large that you could soon quit your present job and live life as YOU please!

Imagine that! Never having to do a day's work for anyone else for the rest of your life... no more boss... no more commuting... no more pressures or financial worries.

A life completely free of debt... no mortgage... no loans... no credit card arrears.

A life where you have the money and freedom to do the things you want, when you want. Plenty for 5-star holidays, the car of your dreams and enough cash to help out friends and family.

Guy's Earnings method helps consistently to identify the path of least resistance.

I have a 7 out of 10 win record and made $34,000 on Apple in a single trade.

V Cannistro

7/10 win ratio

There are many systems out there produced by people who have no track record of helping others to achieve their financial dreams. I am very different and I have no doubt that this is the quickest way of genuinely becoming financially free that you'll ever come across.

Believe me, you don't want to be retired and broke in the coming years - it will NOT be fun. You are NOT going to get a state pension worth having (not that it ever was worth having). If you don't start to take action NOW, you will be left behind.

Yes! I want to be an Earnings Insider! >

It is time to decide to cut yourself a better deal – just like many before you. You've been waiting for a chance – This is it!

You have all the facts.

  • By now you've carefully read what I have to say here and seen the charts and explanation of WHY this works.
  • You've understood that I've carefully tested this already with 47 people with stunning results.
  • You've read about how I spent many years and hundreds of thousands of pounds to develop my Blue Spike indicator (the same indicator which top-flight financial institutions are starting to take a real interest in right now).
  • You've seen how much money some of my best clients are already making from this.

And you now understand how YOU can capture those big moves well ahead of them happening.

You'll be 'in' on the trade before the news breaks...

I showed you that my Blue Spike indicator is the ONLY indicator that can help you do that.

And I'll even be showing you a way of taking absolutely no risk when you implement this strategy!

Anything else is pure gambling and guesswork.

I've given you an amazing price on this product which includes full training and access to the stocks which are set to explode. Plus all the awesome bonus products.

And I've given you a killer of a money back guarantee. So I take ALL the risk on this. (That's because I KNOW this works and I KNOW you're going to just love it).

Now it's Time for Action on Your Part

Yes! I want to be an Earnings Insider! >

After all, it's fair to say that your life will never change for the better without firm, decisive action.


Just reading about something won't translate into a penny extra in your pocket. It is only action which will turn your dreams of financial independence into reality.

And I don't want too many people in on this. I guarantee the big boys probably won't notice our activities—what we are taking is scraps from their table relatively speaking. However it is best to remain low profile. So for the moment I am only opening this up to a further 99 people.

Once those ninety-nine people are signed up I will close the doors for the time being.

And I expect those spots to fill up fast.

I will be showing this to all 20,000 people on my database. That means that less than 0.5% will get in before the doors are closed.

That's a miniscule 1 in 200 of my database!

It really is first come, first served. So you need to act fast while spots are still available.

I'll admit this is not for everybody.

Most people are content to work hard for a living and receive a modest pay cheque.

Most people will experiment with trading systems and be content with modest gains of 5-10% a year.

And most people only dream about getting rich…

But they NEVER make it happen.

They retire on Social Security and pray their benefits will be enough to cover their basic living costs.

Since you've read this letter so far, I think you're NOT 'most people.'

In contrast, Earnings Insider has the potential to make you thousands of extra pounds each month. For virtually zero work.

After all, there's almost nothing to do as my algorithms have done all the work for you.

How hard can it be? If you can drive a computer and access the Internet – then you can do this even if you've never traded in your entire life.

This stuff isn't rocket science. I've taught exactly these techniques to ordinary people. And I'm hoping you're one of the people who can profit from this.

Fill in your application right nowtoday, before the moment passes and your hectic life overtakes you.

Don't let someone else beat you to one of those 99 precious slots. Do it TODAY – and within a short while you will receive this very special course. There is no reason at all why you shouldn't start profiting from this very soon!

I know this works. I see the results every earnings window. I've tested it thoroughly with 47 others and THEY confirm it works for them too. And remember one of them has recently made a 29 trade win streak with it! So why not join me and the others who are making great money from this... This is your opportunity, right now.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours most sincerely

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Guy Cohen

Yes! I want to be an Earnings Insider! >

PS: URGENT. SEPTEMBER 2018: Just two weeks after my Earnings Insider highlighted Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), the stock is UP by 25% or 500 spread bet points!

You still have time to get on board other Blue Spikes JUST LIKE THIS, immediately with my "After Earnings" Stealth Tactic, which many of my members have said is the best they have ever traded with!

PPS: And remember, you can also use the Blue Spike for stocks before their earnings are announced. You can choose which tactic you prefer!

My website will highlight stocks like AMD which have the Blue Spike Indicator. You can then pick the stock you fancy and follow my simple steps to get into the best opportunities with the potential for a big payout!